Want to enjoy fresh food year round? Interested in supporting food access in one of Denver’s most under-served communities? Your participation in our food box program directly impacts the residents of our community, while getting you organically grown food at a great value!  

  • Your money supports a GREAT CAUSE
  • Supports MANY local and/ or organic farmers
  • Sourced 100% locally during CO growing season
  • No risk; we guarantee our food boxes weekly
  • Great value: better prices than leading grocery stores & competitive with other CSA programs
  • We select our favorite produce from different farms- great variety every week
  • Even through the winter, we’ll bring you beautiful  produce from as close to home as possible

Pick ups are Saturdays from 11am-1pm. Please plan to pick up the Saturday following placing your order. If you cannot come Saturday, let us know and we will save your food box for the following Monday or Tuesday (9am-5pm). 

Family Box (GrowHaus pick-up)
from 37.50

Your food box purchase helps support our efforts to provide top-quality food at affordable prices to our community, while getting you delicious local and/or organic food at a great value! 

A normal food box might contain (varies week to week):

  • 1-2 heads Lettuce from the GrowHaus
  • Dozen Local Farm Eggs (local) 
  • 1 or more assorted greens from the GrowHaus (kale, bok choy, chard, etc.)
  • Tomatoes (local, 10 months of the year) 
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Peppers 
  • 2 lb Potatoes
  • Three types of fruits, 4-6 of each type
  • 1 lb Beans or Grains
  • Local Bread or Tortillas (local & fresh)

*Remember that you can always swap out any items that you do not want for other items in our barter bin! 

*Save money by ordering multiple weeks at a time! The more you order, the greater the discount per week: 

  • One week: $37.50/ea,
  • Four weeks: $35/ea,
  • Eight weeks $33.75/ea,
  • Twelve weeks: $32.50/ea
# of weeks:
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Do you want to contribute to our food distribution efforts without buying a food box? Consider Donating! 100% of your generous donation helps to fund the efforts of our non-profit, and makes a direct impact in food access in the food desert of Elyria, Swansea & Globeville, Denver. Thank you! 

Basic Box (Pick-up at GrowHaus)
from 20.00

Is the Family Box too much food for you? Try our BASIC BOX, which is designed for 1 person, or two people who don't cook every day. The basic box offers the same variety as our family box, with about half the quantity of each item. All of our ingredients are organic and/or local, and of the highest quality! 

A normal basic box will contain (varies week to week):

  • 1 head lettuce from the GrowHaus  
  • 6 Local Farm Eggs (local) 
  •  Tomatoes (local 10 months of the year)
  • Onions 
  • Garlic 
  • Peppers 
  • 1 lb Potatoes 
  • 2-3 types of fruits, a few of each type
  • 1/2 loaf Local Bread or small package Tortillas (local & fresh) 

*Save time & money by ordering multiple weeks at a time!

  • One week: $20/ea
  • Four weeks: $18.75/ea
  • Eight week $17.50/ea
  • Twelve weeks: $16.66/ea
# of weeks:
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